A Focus on Inspired Action

I’m committed to you and your company.

Whether you ask me to focus on work/life balance, stress management, employee health or another subject that’s affecting your business, when you work with me, here’s what you can expect:
• I’ll be easy and enjoyable to work with.
• I’ll deliver consistent and dependable objectives and outcomes.
• I’ll tailor the topic you choose to fit your needs.
• I’ll provide a memorable, entertaining experience that will move your employees into action.

In addition, if we decide it will benefit your team to engage one of my subject matter experts, they’ll be professional, experienced and up-to-date in your area of need.

HR directors and meeting planners love my professionalism, customized approach and experience. I understand your business goals are unique, so I start by talking with your team and asking lots of questions before building the training or keynote speech to fit your objectives.

I’ll do whatever it takes to deliver a training that will be successful, memorable and inspirational.

“We brought her back again and again!” – San Diego Gas and Electric (over 40 trainings)

The Wellness Edge Approach

Each presentation provides simple, practical tools and strategies to assist in helping your employees be their best. Whether working with businesses or individuals, I have a unique talent for helping people develop their own solutions.