About Loran Thompson


My focus: the health of your business

An expert in stress management and business health with more than 25 years of experience, I’m a national speaker, corporate trainer, author, and CEO of The Wellness Edge.

I have to work on my health every day. There was a time in my life when I wasn’t very healthy. I didn’t take care of myself, physically or emotionally. My life was a mess. I knew I had to make some changes, or I was going to be in trouble. I had to be my own advocate. I have to practice what I preach every day. It’s not easy. It takes commitment.

After working with businesses for many years, I realized employees were struggling. They’re overwhelmed, they have too much work and not enough time to get it done, and they feel like they’re underwater. Employees have told me numerous times they feel like they’re drowning.

In particular, people struggle with stress, work/life balance and time management, and it’s affecting their health and emotional well-being. Many of them feel like they’re stuck and not always quite sure how to get out of the rut they’re in.